Rehydrate To Feel Great

Rehydrate To Feel Great

June 26, 2018

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If you haven’t yet tried GENEROSITY Water, it’s clear that you’ve been missing out. This wonderful South African bottled water ticks all our boxes: as well as being a source of healthy natural hydration, drinking it can also have a positive ripple effect.

GENEROSITY Water is a premium alkaline water, with a perfectly balanced pH of 10 – which means that it can help to restore your body’s equilibrium by counteracting toxic acidity and preventing cell damage. Reduced acidity can also improve your metabolism and boost your energy levels.

Part of the proceeds from each bottle of GENEROSITY water that we sell will be used to help provide clean water to two people in an underprivileged community for a month. Best of all, the bottles are 100% BPA-free and easy to recycle.

Choose GENEROSITY Water to drink generously and give generously.

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