One water well at a time

One water well at a time

June 26, 2018

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Self-made billionaire, Quinton van der Burgh, made the long trek to Tzaneen this week accompanied by South Africa’s Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and other celebrities to open a brand new water well in the Leokwe village.

The Kobjane region on the outskirts of Tzaneen has not seen running water in many years due to the lack of service delivery by the district municipal authorities. Their reliance on rain is not enough and the river they counted on for so long has now run dry.

Through his foundation and in conjunction with Generosity Water, Van der Burgh is piloting a sustainable programme providing clean, safe drinking water to fellow South Africans in thousands of communities beginning with the second largest town in Limpopo, Tzaneen. The foundation and fellow patriots gathered to open up a brand new well to the community; a community that has not had a consistent flow of water.

Water has become somewhat of a rare commodity when it should be a basic supply to all. Van der Burgh believes that the supply of clean drinking water can lead to a drastic decline in illnes-ses which further intrenches his foundation’s “people matter” philosophy. The goal of this campaign is to supply water to South African and African communities, one water well at a time. With a strong focus on South African communities, Van der Burgh and people who share his ideology will attempt to rid South Africa of drought and restore dignity and health to every citizen.

Generosity Water produces the highest quality alkaline water with a perfect pH balance of 10.0. To further simplify the impact one person can have on helping another, for every bottle purchased, Generosity gives clean water to two people for an entire month. They have also been involved in similar projects in the Dominican Republic’s capital, Haiti.

The group, including notable South Africans who share the values of Generosity Water; Pearl Thusi, Alex Caige and Maps Maponyane arrived at Mmatjatji Primary School on Tuesday morning to unveil the well to a group boisterous youths. Demi-Leigh had her fair share of ‘selfies’ with groups of smiling learners from the extremely impoverished community and Pearl Thusi provided entertainment in the form of some traditional dancing.

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