Hedonist – Quinton Van Der Burgh

Hedonist – Quinton Van Der Burgh

June 18, 2018

Everyone has their own path and story to tell but listening to the stories of others is definitely uplifting, hearing how people excel in life and learning what it took for them to succeed.

Quinton Van Der Burgh is one of South Africa’s ultimate success stories, a multi-phase entrepreneur and a genius in marketing as well as an enthusiast of business development in a diversity of industries.


When we asked him:
“Who, in your own words, is Quinton Van Der Burgh?”

He answered:
It is not the ‘who’ that defines me, it is the ‘why’.
I wake up every morning with the passion and drive to work  towards my ultimate goal of creating a worthy legacy, which is more than building an empire, but with the hopes of making a difference.
In doing so, I place emphasis on staying fit, maintaining a positive mindset and never forgetting where I have come from.”

Quinton truly believes that with an inspired-passion, determination, sacrifice, compromise and most importantly, ACTION – you can have anything you set your mind to.
Here are his insights on business, entrepreneurial mindset and life.

Burgh Group Holdings

Starting any venture is a risk, but it’s a calculated risk. It’s about identifying the opportunities within an idea instead of its challenges.
I believe in listening to the people I surround myself with and always trust my gut.
Once the idea leads to a strong vision, it is full steam ahead and I will put the right team on it of like-minded individuals such as myself.
Perseverance and consistency are the base-lines of success, you can’t sit on the side-lines and expect a business to grow.



I am very passionate about media and what it offers to me as an entrepreneur, my brand and as an individual.
In a world where our lives are constantly filled with media noise, it becomes a natural decision to ensure my brand is exposed, but I also place an emphasis on how I use it and the message I relay.
The power of media is that it forces necessary change and where there is change there is growth.
Social media has also allowed me to connect with like-minded people globally, which has encouraged growth in my professional relationships.
It is the authenticity of those relationships that I truly place an emphasis on and which will naturally progress to new opportunities.


Investments & Innovation

I am constantly approached by budding entrepreneurs as well as business veterans alike with new investment proposals.
This has allowed me to truly adapt myself, my thinking and hone in on my vision.
I need to see the opportunity, as well as believe in the concept 100%.
If I feel that I am not passionate, then I immediately walk away.
Once I have chosen to invest, I take the risk and give a full investment to allow its best chance of survival.
Once I believe in something 100%, I give it my all.

And integrity is a fundamental value, it is courage over comfort.
The route may not always be easy or the fastest, but it’s continually practicing your values and living to your moral code where it be in your personal or professional capacity.
You have to fight to bring an idea into a reality let alone for it to become a successful business and — this to is a recipe for success.


A New Business Model & Change

As an entrepreneur, I feel extremely fulfilled having a successful model that allows for change.
The world would certainly be a better place to live in if everyone just did a little more to help one-another.
So, to have a business model that fulfills those desires is an entrepreneurs dream.



I believe that we are all in need of guidance and encouragement and South Africa is a nation that is drowning in debt.
With the #ActOfGenerosity and #PayMyBills initiative, we select a candidate every few weeks, which will settle all of their debt, but more importantly are counseled on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
There is purpose within everyone bounded by no limits, and it is once someone realizes this, that they live the life they have always wanted.