South-African-born entrepreneur, Quinton van der Burgh (“QVDB”) entrenched himself in South African business folklore by establishing Voda-Tella International at the mere age of 22. Based in London at the time, the organisation primarily focused on the supply and distribution of telecommunication services and devices, but Voda-Tella International would go on to operate in twelve countries.

With an eye for marketing and an extensive understanding of merges and acquisitions, QVDB founded Quinton van der Burgh Investments which has invested in an array of industries ranging from Fin-Tech, Property Development to Aviation, Media to Hospitality but has predominately focused most of his investments in commodities, including the Mining of Coal and Metal assets throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

QGC has expanded its commodity portfolio to include vanadium, iron ore and magnetite. Our exciting new project focuses on the extraction and beneficiation of vanadium and iron ore.

In partnership with Mbuyelo Group, we have embarked on development work for the beneficiation of the titaniferous magnetite (titanomagnetite) mined from the renowned Bushveld Complex of South Africa.

The deposit at the Buffelskloof project is a surface outcropping vanadium bearing magnetite deposit, comprised of multiple mining areas.

From the exploration phase all the way down to the licensing phases of mining, QGC together with Mbuyelo has developed this project over a period of 6 years. We are currently in a position to commence with the mining operations whilst designing the beneficiation plant for optimal utilisation of the vanadium commodity.

In the coming years, global demand for vanadium will grow quickly throughout the aerospace, construction, and battery industry. With the expected rise in demand of electric vehicles, vanadium will be crucial for this diversification.

We place great emphasis on the principle of environmental sustainability.

We are therefore consistent in the stabilisation and restoration of all disturbed areas as soon as practicably possible to ensure the beneficial use of the mined areas for generations to come.

Until the objective of exclusively renewable energy is realised in South Africa, we are committed to the diligent and responsible extraction and processing of our products, always having a healthy appetite for new technologies and processes aimed at reducing any adverse environmental impact and waste.

In 2020, QVDB rebranded and consolidated all his mining operations and related services under the banner of Q Global Commodities (“QGC”) which has quickly established itself as one of Africa’s largest privately-owned mining portfolios, boasting self-sustaining subsidiaries in logistics, beneficiation, and plant-hire. In the past financial year, QGC delivered more than 7 million tons of various grades of coal to the international and domestic markets.

Through his foundation (“QVDBF”) and association with and ownership in Generosity Water, QVDB started his philanthropic journey by establishing water wells throughout Southern Africa and ensuring that communities and schools in desperate need were provided with access to safe and clean drinking water. This ongoing initiative has, to date, helped over 415 000 fellow South Africa’s exercise their inalienable human right to water.

Often quoted, “I’m not just wanting to change someone’s life for a day or a month, I truly want to change their lives for life!”, QVDB has extended his charitable undertakings to include the #ActOfGenerosity, an initiative designed at encouraging fellow South Africans to share their stories and one that promises that selected applicants are assisted with the support they need to rebuild their lives, regardless of the nature of the assistance required. From settling credit card debt, to paying for operations or schooling, QVDB has ensured that the selected candidates’ dignity and standing in society were restored. For more on this initiative please go to: https://qvdbfoundation.co.za/pay-my-bills/.

In 2017, QVDB committed to assisting celebrity photographer and humanitarian John Russo to compile and publish 100 Making A Difference (“100MAD”). A project that has taken years to bring to fruition, 100MAD is a coffee table book highlighting philanthropist, activists and socially conscious celebrities from all over the globe.

As a South African, you are almost desensitised to all the suffering in and around our country. Every traffic light and intersection portrays its own tale of need, not to mention that we continue to live in the most unequal society of the earth, coupled with an ever-increasing unemployment rate. Featuring numerous A-List celebrities such as the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams and former first-lady, Michelle Obama, 100MAD was created to highlight the global need for humanity to support each other and to afford readers with opportunities to associate themselves with a cause or charity and providing guidance on how they themselves may get involved. Patrons wanting to get involved with the 100MAD initiative can purchase a copy of the book from http://100makingadifference.com, from May 2022 with all proceeds benefiting and being distributed to the various organisation listed therein.

Due the success of bringing the 100MAD project to life, QVDB was approached by Axia Capital Bank (“ACB”) to head their global charitable initiatives. ACB is the world’s first hybrid bank, affording users the opportunity to transact in both traditional Fiat `currency and Crypto Currency in the form of the Axia Coin. ACB has committed $10 million US Dollars’ worth of Axia Coin to be distributed to the various organisation listed in the 100MAD book.

The journey doesn’t end here, QVDB has his eye on redefining the South African mining industry with strategic partnerships focused on young, black miners.

“I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, and I feel that it is my responsibility to give back to the people who have helped me get to where I am today.”
– Quinton van Der Burgh