From 1995 to 1999 Quinton van der Burgh was based in South Africa, where he headed the marketing division for Lezmin, a holding company for several businesses in the industrial sector, eventually becoming a shareholder in the company.

He was then offered a position as the MD of a telecom company distributing Car Phones in London. Six months later he merged two telecoms companies and formed the marketing division that he would subsequently own. This company was Voda-Telle International.

Quinton managed Voda-Telle International for five years and grew the company to trade in over 12 countries. He started several successful businesses before he started Quinton Van Der Burgh Investments which is a major shareholder in companies focused predominately in the energy and technology sectors. One of which he is most passionate about is Media, QVDB Media is a full turn key media company that specializes in original content creation having developed numerous reality TV shows and now ventures into feature film investment.

A business man with a big heart, he is the President of Generosity Water Africa, a company that has given more than 415‚000 people access to clean drinking water, and founder of the QVDB Foundation, an organization that follows Van Der Burgh‘s self-proclaimed mission:

“I’m not just wanting to change someone’s life for a day or a month, I truly want to change their lives for life!”

Specifically, he wants to help South Africans who are living in poverty. “I come from a country where I see the effects of this problem on a daily basis,” he says. “With 24 years of financial experience, it resonates with me, as I have been brought up around these issues and have witnessed first-hand what financial distress causes. My foundation is 100% self-funded with absolutely no leaks and didnt want to have to go out and find funding for a cause that is close to my heart”  Current projects range from building wells in underprivileged areas to providing individuals with skills they need to join the workforce.

In 2018, Van Der Burgh launched perhaps his most selfless initiative, #ActOfGenerosity, to help South African residents who are drowning in debt. All they have to do is visit the QVDB Foundation website, click on “Pay My Bills,” supply details about outstanding bills, tell their personal story of dire need, and submit. Van Der Burgh promises to lighten selected applicants’ financial burdens out of his own pocket, and also offer them financial counseling.

“I’ve accomplished a lot in my life,” he says. “And I feel that it is my responsibility to give back to the people who have helped me get to where I am today.”