Generosity Water

It is a common known fact that our bodies are made up of 70% water which is why it is important that we consume water that is of the highest alkaline quality. Generosity Water aims at rebalancing and restoring our bodies optimal pH levels with our water being at an impressive pH 10. Our water offers the highest alkaline mineral water which acts as a buffer against harmful bacteria and toxins as well as immune malfunctions which lead to degenerative diseases. By drinking our high alkaline water we can help decrease acidity and restore our body’s pH levels that is often found to be acidic due to our lifestyles and food choices. We not only guarantee that our water is rejuvenating to the body but we also ensure that all our bottles are BPA free, recycled plastic which promises our drinking water and our planet are cared for. Clean water is the first step towards great health which is why we offer only the best quality standard of water. Why settle for ordinary water when you can have Generosity Water?

“The greatest wealth is health”- Virgil.