Burgh Group Holdings

Burgh Group Holdings is an umbrella for more than 12 different companies with its core focus on the mining and industrial sectors.

The Group was established in 2004 and is headed by Quinton van der Burgh (CEO), Stan van der Burgh (COO), Wayne van der Burgh (COO) and Stanley van der Burgh (Chairman), who combined have backgrounds in economics, accounting, marketing and merchandising in the retail and industrial sectors, with more than ninety years of experience managing a variety of businesses between them. Each individual’s skill and background plays a beneficial role in the management and growth of Burgh Group Holdings.

Burgh Group’s core interests lie in coal mining, marketing and mining equipment. Currently, they own several operational mines with more mines scheduled to become operational in the near future. The Group has several prospecting licenses, numerous drilling rigs and has active and ongoing exploration programs.

Combined with their highly driven mergers and acquisitions department, they have also entered into several new and joint ventures with other mining houses. and have several open cast contracts for other mines, mining coal for these companies