An entrepreneur with his finger on the pulse of business, Quinton van der Burgh is one of South Africa’s ultimate success stories.  A true maverick with extensive knowledge of marketing and mergers and business development in the car, telecom, import / export, industrial, property development, trading and mining industries.

From 1995 to 1999 he was based in South Africa, where he headed the marketing division for Lezmin, a holding company for several businesses in the industrial sector, eventually becoming a shareholder in the company.

He was then offered a position as the MD of a telecom company distributing Car Phones in London. Six months later he merged two telecoms companies and formed the marketing division that he would subsequently own. This company was Voda-Telle International. Quinton managed Voda-Telle International for five years and grew the company to trade in over 12 countries.

He started several successful businesses before he was offered the responsibility to return to South Africa to head the family-owned investment company, Burgh Group Holdings.  Quinton was appointed to the board in 2004 and is a major shareholder in the company.